Manx Basking Shark Watch

Raising public awareness and research into basking sharks

How we helped Manx Basking Shark Watch promote their cause

Manx Basking Shark Watch
No longer operational

Manx Basking Shark Watch promotes research & public awareness of basking sharks around the Isle of Man

When MBSW was started in 2004, little was known about the basking sharks seen in Manx waters or how they mixed with other basking shark populations. Marine Conservation planners need to know as much about basking sharks as possible in order to make sensible, informed wildlife planning conservation decisions.

In 2016 I gave MBSW a complete over haul with a logo and a lot of research into how best present and collect their data.

Sightings data was collected via the site and displayed using google maps interface. It is intended to expand on this data visualisation with more filtering options in the near future.

Sadly the organisation no lomger exists due to retirements of key members.

  • Logo/branding
  • UX and project scoping
  • UI & Graphic Design
  • Website Build
  • Data Visualisation

Custom Assembled Just For MBSW